Monday, August 15, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Babes...

One thing I've noticed from being a father is just how much we can learn about ourselves from babies. Watching the way they react to certain situations can speak volumes about our human nature. Just this evening, I was playing with my 6-month old daughter, Eliana. I was sitting on the couch, with her in my lap. She had several different toys surrounding her: a purple teething ring, a stuffed animal, a musical octopus that plays music when you squeeze its tentacles; you know, exciting stuff to a 6-month old, right? Oh, she enjoyed them for a minute or two, but soon she became distracted by other things. She reached for my Bible that was sitting on the armrest nearby. I moved it out of the way. She quickly noticed the remote control sitting nearby, and began to grasp at it. "That's not a toy", I said. Becoming increasingly frustrated, she began looking around for anything that would pique her interest further. Then her gaze landed on the iPad, sitting on the other side of the couch. Again she began lunging forward to try to grab a hold, even though she was barely strong enough to even move it. Again I moved it out of her sight (it's distracting enough even for an adult). 

As I witnessed this little episode, I began to get a glimpse of what God must feel as he watches over us, his creation. In his mercy and grace, he showers blessings upon us, providing for our every need. We are never lacking for teething rings and stuffed animals. In his wisdom, he measures out our daily bread, just enough for the present need, and cautions us against those things that will cause us harm. Yet, how often do we brush these gifts aside and begin to pursue other things? The world is full of distractions. The newer, bigger, better, faster thing is always being dangled in front of our noses. Human nature, as exhibited by Eliana, is to go after those things, believing that they will somehow satisfy the longing in our souls. In essence, we are saying to God, "Your provision is no longer good enough; I need something better".

I thank God for this gentle yet sobering reminder tonight. Like all of us, my daughter was born into sin, and she needs a Savior to rescue her from the curse of the fall. I pray she comes to that realization when she grows up. Her actions tonight were perfectly consistent with the sinful nature we all possess. It would be nothing but foolishness for me, as an adult and as one who has been redeemed from the curse and who has tasted the heavenly gifts, to ignore this important lesson.


  1. Excellent insight; excellent post!

  2. This is enough challenge for my thinking for one day. It makes it worth being on line.

    Grace and peace.