Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bibles, Bibles, Bibles

ESV Pitt Minion (On the Shelf)I've got a thing for Bibles. I currently have around 20 on my bookshelf, not to mention many more I have given away. I enjoy comparing translations and admiring covers, binding, and typeface. I know, I know...weird. Don't get me wrong, I treasure the Word of God for its message, not the aesthetics of the book itself. But there is just something about a Bible that sits perfectly in the hand, with a clear, elegant typeset, making reading a pleasure. Companies like R. L. Allan and Cambridge Bibles produce high-quality Bibles that, on more than one occasion, have forced me to repent of covetousness.

For any of you who may share this interest, I commend to you the Bible Design and Binding Blog. By way of warning, after reading the blog, you may suddenly find your bookshelf several Bibles heavier and your wallet several dollars lighter.


  1. I have had the same sensation reading C.W. Lewis in a volume put out by Easton Press. They are printed on incredible paper and have wonderful leather bindings. Since they were gifts from the kids I don't need to feel guilty about the cost. It is a joy just turning the pages. It would be even better with the Word, but I know the feeling.

    This summer I was loaned a Kindle for a few weeks and was impressed. It may become a part of my life but no electronic tool can replace the feel of a good book.

    Grace and peace.

  2. I have several Bibles and I know what you mean. I'm a librarian and a bibliophile, can't resist a well written, well printed, and well bound book. The older the better.

  3. I should have mentioned also that the picture embedded in this post was lifted from the Bible Design Blog. Must give credit where credit is due.